Artist Statement

In my paintings, I try to portray the feel of a picture frozen in time that captures a fleeting moment. In this context, I seek to offer a sense of balance or tranquility in a manner that is uncommon.


The use of personal symbolic images and improbable settings has been there since my early artwork. I consider myself a surrealist painter in the classic definition of the term, and oil paints are my material of choice. Style-wise, I like to blend a combination of both the abstract and representational.


In this series, I continue my theme of representing human qualities in non-human objects to explore things that make us human. Beyond the body, it is our behavior and emotions that take us through life and link us to our experiences.

My work involves a mix of patterns, symmetry, or carefully made free-flowing lines that give life to inanimate objects as they also guide the observer’s eyes through the image.


The main theme that is present in my work is the element of defiance. Defiance used not in a negative or antisocial manner, but as an implementation of how I seek to find ways to overcome hardship and barriers.


We all face many difficult situations in life, and I present a positive message of gathering the strength to rise against what seems to be an improbable or impossible challenge.


This is the attribute that opens my work to the public and makes it relatable to persons from different walks of life.

About Me

Perhaps understanding my life situation helps in understanding my artwork, message, and approach. I am a 1st generation artist in a family who immigrated to the United States when I was three years old. I have had to learn things the hard way by trial-and-error. Creating art has been a very integral part of my life and an outlet of expression that allowed me to go beyond the limitations of my physical disability.


I was born with a bone condition (poly-ostotic fibrous dysplasia) and have had other later ailments that caused me to be confined to a wheelchair, or be continually in a state of recovery from my more than twenty surgeries, ten fractures, and other complications. But even if I was weakened in strength, I strive to be very strong in will.


My health had improved for many years, but in recent years I have had a decline. But instead of seeing this in a negative way, I decided that this would be the fulcrum that changed my life to point me to go back to what I have always wanted. From this I made a decision to become a full time artist. The challenges are great, but persistence, constant work and learning are the key to reaching my goal.

© 2020 Abiu Daniel Benavides.